Home Depot Foundation donates more than 600 relief kits

DRESDEN, Tenn. — The Home Depot Foundation has transported over 600 disaster relief kits from the Jackson store to tornado victims in Dresden and Samburg.

District Manager Robbie Salemi says each bucket contains supplies to help with the cleanup.

The Home Depot Foundation Donates Over 600 Relief Kit

“Lysol wipes, trash bags, gloves. Just some general cleaning supplies, as well as some PPE, safety protection to keep them safe while they clean up debris,” Salemi said.

Tiffany Owens lives in Dresden and says watching the storm rip through her hometown was unbearable.

“It is absolutely devastating. This is our hometown. This is where a lot of us have grown up. So to see it flattened, you will never understand that feeling until it physically happens at home,” Owens said.

And with help from the communities around them, the process of picking up the pieces has been made a little easier.

“Having these type of resources just makes it easier for each family. They are not having to go try to look for something. Every family that comes through, we send a kit out with them. We are also sending some up to the disaster relief for the people that are out working,” Owens said.

Donation organizer Sandra Taylor says while taking in donations, they are also going to those in need to make sure they are taken care of.

And they say no donation is too small.

The Home Depot Foundation Donates Over 600 Relief Kits

“With everything that they need, we don’t want, especially children, to go without anything. This has just been amazing. It is overwhelming, the people that have just come in and poured their heart out to this place are just absolutely amazing,” Taylor said.

Taylor says they are accepting monetary donations.

She says their Venmo account for monetary donations is @bethe-village-1.

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