Bicentennial event takes a look at area’s history with religion

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Commission traveled back through time for their last historic event in 2021.

The event was held at the Jackson-Madison County Library and the presentation was centered around the history of religion and the role it played in the area.

“A number of people who have been very active in our bicentennial celebration have attended meetings such as this to hear more facts about our history, from the beginning through to looking towards our future,” said presenter Lee Gaugh.

Gaugh discussed the importance of history and why it’s crucial for Jackson residents to know.

“We must remember our history,” Gaugh said. “We must honor that and appreciate that, that lets us know where we’re coming from, therefore we can stay focused on where we’re going.”

He also says he wants to start a conversation about the denominations here in Jackson to raise awareness about the importance of religion locally.

“We’re going to be talking about and hoping to understand how each different denominational group and houses of worship help to weave the tapestry that became Jackson and Madison County.”

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