Local organization fills baskets and stomachs for the holiday season

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Elks Lodge #192 is hosting their annual Christmas basket filling tradition that dates back to 130 years ago.

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“Packing up food for needy families and I think we’re going to put together 192 boxes. And they will be delivered to individual homes that these people applied for,” said Lodge member, Dave Shiers.

The baskets are for those in need during this holiday season. 

“When you open up the door to someone’s home and they have a tear in their eye, they want to give you a hug, they wanna give you a you know, just a thank you for doing what you do,” said Event Chairperson, Steve Fowler.

Members fill the basket with things like food, refreshments, socks and much more.

“We’ve got 23 different items: frozen hens, corn, ravioli, peanut butter,jelly and spaghetti. Everything for a good Christmas meal and extra,” Fowler said.

Although this tradition has been going on for years, this is the first year that some members are participating.

“It’s Christmas and we’re helping needy people and that’s what the Elks’ does. And he’s a new member and we wanted to come out and do our part and they are very, very organized and it’s really a lot of fun,” said Niki Shiers.

The Elks Lodge 192 will be distributing their boxes on December 19th to different homes in the community.

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