Jackson organization hands out holiday cheer

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local group decided to start the holiday cheer a little early.

The Jackson Elks Lodge #192 visited multiple homes today in hopes of spreading some Christmas joy.

The vice president of the lodge says it means the world to him to deliver gifts.

“We are delivering Christmas baskets to people in need here in Madison county and we have been doing this for over 130 years,” said Wayne Woods, vice president, Elks Lodge #192.

He says that no one should go hungry for the holidays.

“The purpose of us doing this is to give people the opportunity, that they can have a Christmas meal. If they couldn’t normally do this for themselves, we want to give them the material to do it with,” Woods said.

Members of the lodge spent Saturday prepping the holiday baskets to hand out at New Southern Apartments and St. Mary Manor apartments.

“We assembled it last night. We had a meeting at the lodge and set up a converter belt, the assembly line process and assembled 192 Christmas baskets,” Woods said.

One of the residents in St. Mary Manor apartments, says she was ecstatic to receive her holiday gift.

“I’m very thankful and I love gifts. When you get old, you don’t get too many, not if you’re far in between. But this is wonderful. This is a blessing, so I’m very happy about it,” said resident Nancy Cardone.

She also said she was grateful for the support.

“Thank you so much. You guys are all wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Cardone said.

Elk Lodge #192 organizers says they hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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