Local church hosts 60th annual Live Nativity

ALAMO, Tenn. — There are many holidays during the month of December and the Alamo First Methodist Church is keeping the “Christ” in Christmas.

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“We come out here every year around this time and everyone dresses up and we tell the story of Jesus,” says church member, Caddie Loggins.

This year marks six decades the church has presented the live nativity 

“This being the 60th, I see it as a big extravaganza that we’ve done it for 60 years and that we’ve made it thus far to be able to continue to keep this going and it’s just amazing,” Jackie Harris says.

The Nativity had five scenes, telling the complete story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

“We are pretty much setting up showing how the birth of Christ was and what had happened in partaking them days of what actually happened leading up to what we see as Christmas,” says Harris.

Although this is the 60th year for the Nativity, members are still in awe every time they experience the event.

“It’s just an eye opening experience to see what’s really going on and just how it was back in the bible times, to see where God had come from, where we could have more of an understanding,” Harris says.

The Alamo First Methodist Church would like to thank the community for their support.

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