Holiday season brought big sales, local store owners say

JACKSON, Tenn. — Most people are finished with all of their holiday shopping at this point.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Diamond Williams spoke to merchants about how the shopping benefited them this year while still in a pandemic.

310 Rosemont

“A lot of time you’ll hear people, they’ll say, ‘Oh. It’s the best year we’ve ever had.’ It honestly is the best year we’ve ever had,” said Bill Hodges, the owner of 310 Rosemont.

Hodges says the foot traffic was a huge shock with so many shortages going on in the world as it is.

“Going into the holiday, we weren’t for sure about product. We weren’t sure everything would make it. People were really loyal to the community and loyal to a lot of the great stores we have here in Jackson, and it was truly a wonderful, wonderful selling season,” Hodges said.

Others say it was a wonderful selling season indeed.

Owner of Sassy Grace/Southern Gent, Tamy Lewis says the same goes for her store, even after recently moving locations.

Sassy Grace Southern Gent

“We are very grateful, and we feel very blessed. I think with our ladies and our gifts, and then adding the men’s and the little boys, I think that’s an area that Jackson needed,” Lewis said. “I think people are very excited to have some place else to buy those items.”

Lewis says sales have been so great this year, that the months of November and December were actually higher than the entire year of 2020.

“I think people are tired of being stuck in the house, and I think they were ready to get out and shop, and I just think that the weather in a way helped because it was warm and so people didn’t have to bundle up to get out. In a way it kind of hurt because they weren’t really wanting to buy a lot of heavy sweaters and things,” Lewis said.

Both business owners say they feel blessed beyond measure for all of the support the community has given them this year.

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