Winter weather creates slick roads in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — A second round of winter weather is covering West Tennessee in the new year!

Winter weather hit parts of the area, producing slick and dangerous roads.

Nichole Lawrence, with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, says they have been working diligently to make sure roads are safe to travel on.

“We did have a big band of snow come through earlier today that just really came down fast. We can only clear so fast as well, when that snow is coming down hard and fast like it has been this morning,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence says they recommend that you don’t leave the house if you don’t have to. But if you do, make sure to be cautious.

“We just want to stress to folks to be careful, and if they don’t have to be out, stay in until this is cleared up. We will work 24 hours, around the clock until we get the roads passable and clear,” Lawrence said.

James Moore had to take his wife to work in Jackson. He says the roads have been slick, and adds that he is worried about when it will refreeze.

“Yes it is slick. They are slushy, but the temperature is going to keep dropping and it will probably be black ice. So just be ready for it. It is coming,” Moore said.

Moore says the best way to get through the icy roads is to take your time.

“If somebody wants to get around you, let them. It is not worth it. I have seen several people in the road and in the ditch. You don’t want that. So if you can stay home, stay home. But if you have to get out, use caution,” Moore said.

Lawrence says you can check for updates to your route on the TDOT SmartWays app.

Or if you have a question, you can call 511 for help.

Find live radar, hour-by-hour forecasts and more in the WBBJ Weather app.

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