New restaurants see success in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — While some restaurants have closed in the Hub City, others have been able to continue.

Doe's Eat Place

Doe’s Eat Place opened almost two months ago in downtown Jackson, and the owner says business has been great.

“Jackson has been good to us so far,” said Paul Signa, the owner of Doe’s Eat Place. “Really good though. And has it met my expectations? Probably exceeded so far.”

Signa thinks the secret to his success is simplicity.

“We keep things simple. Our menu is not real complex. We do everything in house. You know, success is a continuous thing,” Signa said.

Slim Chickens also opened recently, and the owners say their business has met their pre-opening goals.

“We really had high expectations for what kind of results we were going to see from the sells and traffic driving results from that store, and I’d say that to this date, I think it has met all of our expectations,” said Cody Davis, the owner/franchisee of Slim Chickens.

But they also say it has not been easy.

Slim Chickens

“With COVID it has affected us just like a lot of other brands and local restaurants. It has been challenging with food supply chain issues. One of the biggest challenges is just finding great employees,” Davis said.

They say their secret is their team.

“Slim Chickens is a younger brand for us, but you know what we’ve always been taught and what we’ve really seen a level of success with is with really empowering our people to make a difference in our customer’s lives,” Davis said.

Slim Chickens owners say they will be partnering with third party delivery services starting next week.

Meanwhile, owners with Doe’s Eat Place say they plan to start serving lunch next month.

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