Jackson Chamber shares updates on multiple projects

JACKSON, Tenn. — At Tuesday’s Madison County Commission meeting, the Jackson Chamber gave an update on multiple projects.

Middle Fork Bottoms, the 850 acre project up north, is said to be about 98% complete. They are waiting on two wet areas that will need to be paved, and anticipate to get those done in the spring.

The Chamber also says the project with Great Wolf Lodge is continuing to progress as they are currently meeting with lawyers.

They also say they have sold about 17 properties in downtown, and will now shift their focus to get more people in downtown Jackson.

“You’ll see the focus shift to more people living and working downtown,” said Jackson Chamber Chief Operating Officer Robert Porter. “Some of those buildings are going to have a retail, commercial on the bottom, but lofts and apartments in the second, third floor, so the goal is to get more people living and working downtown that’ll drive additional development.”

Porter also says Georgia Pacific is a little more than halfway through a 90-day due diligence that they’re doing on the property.

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