Local firefighters prepare for winter house fires

JACKSON, Tenn.– During the cold weather local firefighters often see an increase of house fires.

“People trying to stay warm is probably the most dangerous thing that we have that happens during this extreme weather,” said Battalion Chief Randy Hayes of the Jackson Fire Department.

Local firefighters see an increase of house fires during the winter because of two things.

“In the winter time people like to take extension cords and hook up supplement heat, space heaters again is a big one and they pull a lot of amperage. They’re not designed to run off of extension cords so you have to be really be mindful of that and not overload your circuits.” said Battalion Chief Hayes.

But they are always ready to act if there is a fire.

“Our firefighting gear protects from the heat inside a house fire but it also helps us protect us from the cold,” said Battalion Chief Hayes.

And they take extra precautions during this time.

“We check our equipment everyday anyway but we do a little extra checking on things like chainsaws and our generators and just making sure that our equipment, that we might need, just so if we do have extended times out helping the community that we’ll have the resources to continue to do that,” said Battalion Chief Hayes.

He also says if you have a house fire or see one, call 9-1-1 for help.

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