Greenfield church hosts giveaway

GREENFIELD, Tenn. —A local church is giving back to those in need.

Several people came out to First Baptist Church in Greenfield to pick out clothes, household items, and other necessities for their 2022 giveaway event.

“We had two truck loads from Illinois come in and the shelters that were handling all this couldn’t take it, they were full. We’ve just got an awesome community that helped out, pitched in. We’ve got a plethora of items,” said Jake Waterfield, member First Baptist Church Greenfield.

Due to the December 2021 storms, many were left with only the clothes on their back, today’s giveaway gave people a chance to get any items they need, all free of charge.

“It’s huge, I mean people are right now without electricity in some parts of the county and they’re coming to have something to do, to warm their bones, get some hot chocolate and have some thawed out water. If they need water, warmer clothes, and whatever they need. It’s just a huge situation for the community,” Waterfield said.

The giveaway was not only for Greenfield residents but those in surrounding areas as well.

“We had people arrive early today, so we’ve had several already get out. We’ve had anything from bottled water, food, lots of clothing. Men’s, women’s, boy’s and girls clothing, lots of hygiene products, toiletries,”said James Hazlewood, pastor First Baptist Church Greenfield.

Although donations came from a storm shelter in Illinois, the church hopes to host more events catered to giving back to their community

“This is something they have not done on this scale before, so there may be something after this maybe discussed. I think that we have been more sensitive to the needs of our community and the surrounding areas. So maybe this has helped heighten our awareness to that,” Hazlewood said.

First Baptist Church in Greenfield welcomes anyone to their Sunday service, if they’d like to attend.

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