How proper car care helps save gas

JACKSON, Tenn. — With gas prices on a steady incline, drivers are making sure they get the most out of their gas tank.

And Joshua Burns Jr., with Old Hickory Car Care, says vehicle upkeep can help.

Vehicle Upkeep And Gas Mileage

“Proper vehicle maintenance will go a long way. Bringing your vehicle regularly to check for things like a clean air filter will help the engine achieve clean air, which will help with gas mileage,” Burns said.

Burns says another way to add on a few extra miles is cleaning out the tank.

“A fuel induction service. A pretty relatively cheap service that keeps the fuel injectors clean and clear. It also kind of cleans the tank as well to achieve a few extra miles per gallon,” Burns said.

And he says something that drivers can do that is free is keep a good tire pressure in their cars.

Vehicle Upkeep And Gas Milage

“A few pounds off will actually decrease the height, the level of the tire, and cost you more in fuel mileage. You take a free service like making sure your air pressure in your tire is correct can save you two or three miles per gallon,” Burns said.

According to AAA, there are other ways to take advantage of the value of your dollar.

You can compare prices to find the best price for gas in your area, enroll in savings programs that could give you cash back, and combine errands when you have to use your car.

Jacksonians say they have had to change their routine to accommodate the rising prices.

Vehicle Upkeep And Gas Milage

“I don’t go anywhere unless I have maybe two places to go at one time,” said Mary Thompson.

“Maybe buy four or five dollars today. Friday, I will buy four or five more to stretch your dollar as much as you can,” said Bill Steppe.

To find the best prices in your area, you can use the Gas Buddy website or mobile app to show price per gallon at gas stations nearby.

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