Report ranks Jackson as 2nd most affordable small metro in US

JACKSON, Tenn. — A report recently released by ranks the City of Jackson as the second most affordable city in a small metro area.

“There’s a lot of things that drives people to Jackson, and a lot of it is liveability — being able to get to places quickly and easily — but I say the number one thing right now is affordability,” said Joey Hale, owner/broker at Town and Country Realtors.

The overall cost of living for Jackson is 15.9% lower than other comparable locations. Jackson’s ranking comes after Florence-Muscle Shoals with a low of 17.6%.

“I just think that we have a slow pace of life that people are looking for, and I think they can save a little bit of money on taxes, and I think they can save or buy a bigger house than they could in most areas,” said Ronnie Ragan, owner of Ragan Realty Group.

When we talk about affordability, that’s including things like goods, services, housing and cost of living.

“I think what we’re seeing is still a little bit of a pandemic effect, where people who were enjoying the big city life are now looking for a more rural atmosphere, and whats great about Jackson is we’re kind of a microtropolis, we’re a big little city,” Hale said.

With new infrastructure and businesses coming to the area, more and more people are calling the Hub City home.

“With workforce development, and not having the labor to build the homes fast enough, plus the pandemic, we’ve got quite a challenge in front of us,” said Hale. “So I don’t see the prices changing much over the next several years because of that fact.”

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