Churches team up for a healthier community

JACKSON, Tenn. –Local churches are teaming up to help the community in different ways.

“For the last 5 years both ministries, KingDom SeeKers and Cane Creek has been involved, and the community in doing this 5k,” said Larry Robinson, Senior Pastor, Cane Creek M.B. Church and KingDom SeeKers Church.

Senior Pastor, Robinson says this 5k is a way to work on staying healthy.

“We’re majoring on health and also getting the community involved. We want our membership to see that their leaders also want to do healthy living and lead by example,” Robinson said.

Plus it helps the community.

“Some of the proceeds, goes to area relief ministries so again, it’s all about community,” Robinson said.

And brings everyone together.

“We’re going to have people that’s coming from all different backgrounds. Unity, is what I would like to say that we want them to take away from it. We’ve got walkers and runners, but the main thing is that out of it, out of all of this here, we get unity.” Robinson said.

Pastor Robinson also says he hopes to see more people join.

“This year, it’s probably more than last year. Each year it’s building, five years and we’ve seen each year been an incremental increase, and we just hope each year that we can get more participation,” Robinson said.

One runner says this event helps him in many ways.

“It’s a way of helping others and it makes you feel good for helping others, and keep your mind off of yourself. And at the same time it’s helping me by exercising, so it’s a win-win for me,” said Leonard Robinson, fifth year runner.

Senior Pastor Robinson says they are planning to do the 5k again next year.

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