Cooler To Start, Then Sunny And Warm

Weather Update: Tuesday, May 17 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We have a cooler start to the day. Lowest Temp thus far was in Hardin County at 50°F! Today, High Pressure will remain in control. More importantly, its not too humid as the high is associated with the cooler continental polar air mass.  Temps will be on the move today into the upper 70s by this afternoon, then into the lower to middle 80s. Clouds will increase as a decaying complex of storms this morning moves out of eastern Oklahoma and into Arkansas. I still think sunshine will dominate most of the day until later in the afternoon.
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Tonight, we will start the evening with a few clouds, temps will fall back into the low 60s. It will be a dry overnight. However, what’s left of a complex of storms passing through the Ohio Valley will make a close pass late tonight into Wednesday morning. Severe storms not expected as it will be in a decaying mode upon arrival. We will track it on Good Morning West Tennessee tomorrow morning.


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