Community wishes luck to local Olympian

JACKSON, Tenn. — Proud supporters of Meghan Roeder wished her good luck before she heads off to Orlando, Florida.

Roeder leaves Saturday to compete in the 2022 Special Olympics Games.

A long-time southwest region athlete, Roeder competed in the state games, which qualified her to be in the lottery drawing for the national competition.

She will be competing in a week-long Olympic swimming competition in Orlando.

Those that have been with her on her journey say she has a winning spirit.

“She is dedicated in everything she does. She is excited in everything that she does, so it kind of makes us feel the same way. Why are we excited? You can’t help but to be,” said Whitney Billingsley, Director of the Special Olympics Tennessee Area 11.

“Everyday she comes ready to work and she is excited about everything. So Whitney said it is like, why not be excited for her?” said Jamal Brady, a trainer.

Those at the Lift Wellness Center say Roeder has shown so much effort since she first came through their doors.

“We’ve known Megan for a long time, and we’ve seen such a progression not only in her personality, she’s always been bubbly, but now she is even more enthusiastic. She’s so excited to come and learn and tell everyone about her sport,” said Syrena Flowers, the Membership Manager at Lift Wellness.

Flowers says she sees her as family.

Everyone wished her good luck on her journey and in her competition.

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