Excessive Heat And Humidity

Weather Update: Monday, June 13 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We have a rather hot and muggy start to the morning. Temps are in the upper 70s along with the dew point. It is making for a very uncomfortable morning. Once the sun starts doing its work, and it will fairly quickly. Temps will climb through the 80s by late this morning and into the 90s by NOON.  An Excessive Heat Warning will go into effect at 11:00 AM and continue through 8:00 PM. This is for heat index values that will range between 108 and 112°F. Unfortunately the dangerous heat will be with us most of the week. However one point of interest is that the dew points do come down just a little through midweek as the core of the Sonoran ridge shifts east. The ridge is continental-tropical meaning it originated on land, this will likely bring the dew points down a few degrees making tomorrow not quite as awful as it will be today.
Excessive Heat


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