Plumbing supply manager talks pipe repair solutions

JACKSON, Tenn. — Plumbing supply stores could be a big help to some West Tennesseans right now.

BR Supply posted on their Facebook page that they drove their trucks to their manufacturers so they could restock on popular items for those with frozen pipes.

“Of course you could have a lot of damage, a lot of things would have to be removed like your carpeting and wood products, and you could also develop mold,” said manager George Coleman.

BR supply is now stocked with CPVC pipes and SharkBite fittings.

SharkBite’s push-to-connect plumbing system is an efficient frozen pipe repair solution that saves time and money.

SharkBite helps fix frozen pipes with no special tools, glue or solder required.

BR Supply has 12 locations in West Tennessee — click here for details.

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