Women’s History Month • Week 3

Dr. Sandra Dee

Dr Dee PictureDr. Sandra Dee MD, FACC


Cardiologist at The Jackson Clinic  and Fellow in the American College of Cardiology

What’s new at the Cardiology Dept. at The Jackson Clinic?

The Jackson Clinic is growing to meet the patient demand for our medical services, and we are always looking to anticipate what is needed in the area we serve.  Aside from our Cardiology clinic here in Jackson, we also have satellite clinics in Dyersburg, Bolivar and Huntingdon. We have a Heart Failure Clinic which provides comprehensive outpatient management for patients with heart failure, where patients learn how to manage their condition, modify their behaviors thereby reducing hospitalization and improving their quality of life.  The Vein and Vascular Clinic at 213 Sterling Farms Drive, provides minimally invasive procedures to patients with venous disease, peripheral vascular disease and other circulatory conditions. The Jackson Clinic offers the opportunity to participate in number of ongoing research studies at no cost to patients. 

Whm Womens History Month 2023

Dr. Sandra Dee & Husband at a Go Red for Women Event; Credit: Dr. Sandra Dee

Does Women’s History Month hold any special meaning to you?

Women’s History Month holds a special meaning to me. It is not only a celebration of the contributions and achievements of women in history, but it builds hope and inspiration for future generations.   As an Asian woman who migrated to this country almost 30 years ago, I had to overcome barriers and challenges which gave me the strength and determination to achieve my goals in life. I am blessed to be able to practice as a woman cardiologist in this area for the past 17 years as well as being able to spread cultural awareness in the community with my involvement in the Jackson International Food and Art Festival for the past 9 years.  Being celebrated as one of the women during Women’s History Month is an honor. 

Jackson International Food And Art Festival Parade Of Cultures

Jackson International Food & Art Festival Parade of Cultures; Credit: Dr. Sandra Dee

Is there a woman in history that you look up or admire? If so, why? Does their life/work affect you now? If so, how?

Whm Womens History Month 2023 2

Dr. Sandra Dee modeling for the Go Red for Women Event; Credit: Dr. Sandra Dee

Marie Curie is a Polish and naturalized French physicist and chemist who won two Nobel Prize- for physics and chemistry. She discovered polonium and radium and recognized for her work on radioactivity. She is the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to win the award in two different fields.  She has an inspiring life story as she had to overcome obstacles not only in her native country Poland, but also her adoptive country France, because she was a woman. Her strength, determination and resilience helped her succeed even with little resources during her time in a male-dominated field.  She has inspired me to never give up when faced with difficult situations. 

What challenges do you believe women face today that you would like to see change?

I would like to see more opportunities for women in leadership positions, bridge gender inequities and cultural disparities in different fields like (STEM) science, technology, engineering and mathematics.   There should be improvement of gender pay gap as women generally earn less than their male counterparts, which may have worsened during the pandemic. There is also the unconscious bias which is an attitude towards a certain race or gender that can influence one’s behavior towards a particular group of people.

Whm Womens History Month 2023 1

Dr. Sandra Dee with Co-Chair Eduardo Morales and Mayors Conger & Massey; Credit: Dr. Sandra Dee

Would you like to add anything?

Let me share Marie Curie’s famous quote “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and this thing must be attained”. 

To all the young girls and women, use your voices to advocate for change, believe in yourselves, be an inspiration to others and empower other women. 

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