Makin’ Music returns to FHU, attracting students, alumni near and far

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Freed-Hardeman University is hosting it’s 46th Annual Makin’ Music event on their campus.

Makin’ Music is a fully student-run event from the coordinators, to the host and hostesses, all the way to the directors of the five different club shows.

It is tradition that on Thursday of the show week, students from all over West Tennessee will come to Loyd Auditorium for the show.

“Kids show is honestly the best performance of the entire weekend,” said coordinator Addie Everson. “It’s not about scores, it’s not about judging, it’s only about making a great performance for these kids to enjoy. It’s truly the time in the weekend where you kind of see it all come to light and you get to see the joy on the kid’s faces. You know, like, this is why we have worked all the way up to this. This was the moment for it.”

The coordinators, the hosts and hostesses, and the directors work year long to get this event going. They make their own costumes, write their own lyrics, and build their own props. It is very loved by this community and alumni from all over the country will come back for this Makin’ Music week.

“Oh my gosh, everyone loves it. It’s like the Freed-Hardeman family thing,” said hostess Brooke Roberts. “Everyone comes back after they graduate, and that says a lot about it. People and alumni that really have nobody here that they are friends with anymore still come back to watch it. It’s a huge production, so much goes into it.”

“I think it’s because it is so important to everyone,” host Peyton Cain said. “I mean we have kids show today. It’s important to little kids. It’s important to people who have been to Freed before. They keep coming back because it’s where they have made a whole lot of memories, which is where we got our theme “Makin’ Music 46: Hold On,” because these are the memories that we hold onto. The time that we spend here in Makin’ Music [is] just so important that people keep coming back for it.”

The competition will begin Friday night at 7:30 in Loyd Auditorium, and will finish up with two shows on Saturday where they will announce the winner following the evening show. Click here for information on tickets.

The Kid’s Show is an event Freed-Hardeman University looks forward to every year.

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