Congressman Green discusses ‘Secure the Border Act’

JACKSON, Tenn. — New legislation has been brought up to help secure the border.

Congressman Mark Green talked with us about the new Secure the Border Act.

He claims it reverses the incentives for people to be able to “come into the United States for free.”

He also says it will add some border wall, and increase technology like drones and fiber optics to help the border patrol do their jobs to enforce legal migration.

He also says this will increase the border patrol jobs.

Congressman Green says that voices need to be heard in order for this act to move forward.

“So this border act, Secure the Border Act, does a number of different things,” Green said. “Probably the most important thing is it reverses the incentives that it provides for folks to just come to the southern border.”

The bill has passed the U.S. House and now moves to the Senate.

Congressman Green also shared an additional statement that reads:

“The fact-of-the-matter is, this administration ceded control of the border to drug cartels and human traffickers. As a result, our border is in utter chaos and the American people are suffering. That’s why House Republicans worked so hard to pass H.R. 2., the Secure the Border Act. This legislation will help stop human trafficking, strip drug cartels of funding, and make our country more secure. I’m proud of the portions of this bill I helped craft, particularly in regard to personnel, technology, and border infrastructure alongside Committee members.” – Rep. Mark Green

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