TennCare, Medicaid recipients may need to re-enroll

JACKSON, Tenn. — West Tennessee Healthcare is sharing important information for TennCare recipients.

According to a press release, the federal government has decided to end the federal Public Health Emergency period in 2023, which may effect some Tennesseans.

The release says this will require TennCare and Medicaid beneficiaries to re-enroll and renew benefits. If the patient does not re-enroll, they may experience a lapse in Medicaid coverage.

Coverage may mean benefits from TennCare, CoverKids, Medicare Savings Plan, or Katie Beckett.

The Renewal Packet is available on TennCare’s web portal, TennCare Connect. Beneficiaries will need to fill out the entire packet and answer all questions that they can.

For questions about enrollment or the renewal package, contact TennCare Connect at (855) 259-0701.

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