Foster children pick out quilts of their own

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local nonprofit and a quilting club came together.

Thursday, Youth Villages and the Savannah Quilting Club set up a “Meet-and-Pick-Up-a-Quilt” event at the Jackson Youth Villages Office.

Several Youth Villages foster children and youth got the chance to stop by to pick out handmade quilts of their own to take with them.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Youth Villages has more than 100 locations across the nation.

Their mission is the help children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families live successfully.

“Kids don’t often have a lot when they come into care. Sometime they’re picked up from school when they have nothing on them. They might be out of a drug house and they can’t take anything with them. So those things like a quilt, a pillow, toothbrushes, teddy bears, all those things become very important to our kids,” said Donna Goodman, a recruiter-trainer for Youth Villages.

Youth Villages’ goal is to help children in foster care find permanency either with their biological parent or family member, or find a foster and/or adoptive family.

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