Cooler And Less Humid Air Moves in Today

Weather Update: Monday, June 12 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We start the morning off with some areas of patchy fog and or in some cases low clouds. It is a result of some cooler and more stable air filter in of continental polar air mass moving in centered near Omaha, Nebraska. Despite the sunshine expected today temps are going to hover in the mid 70s. The average high temperature for today is 87°F, and also interestingly the lowest high temperature ever today was 72°F(1955). We will make a un for it, but right now my forecast high is about 76, which is still very unseasonably cool.

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The change in air mass will be a lot more noticeable by tonight as temps fall into the mid 50s, especially where skies remain clear and of course in some of the valleys around the region. Here again normal is 65°F. The record low temperature tonight is 52°F (1985)
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