Educator of the Week: Courtney Cole

It’s time now to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Courtney Cole is a third-grade teacher at Huntingdon Primary School in Carroll County. Courtney has taught for almost two decades. What motivated her to become an educator was to help her students become successful over time.

“I was not the greatest student growing up and I struggled a little bit through school, and I love to help my students learn things that I struggled with,” Cole said.

Courtney says her favorite part about her job is seeing her students enjoy themselves while learning new skills.

“I hope they have fun. I hope they have fun in my classroom. I hope that they have lots of hands-on learning and just have fun,” Cole said.

Throughout her 19 years of teaching, Courtney says the biggest challenge she has faced as an educator is adjusting to the changes that are made year to year in education.

“I have faced challenges with just the things that the state has changed or the things that are required of teachers,” Cole said.

She says what makes her classroom unique is that she allows her students to have some productive struggle while they learn a new lesson.

“To work through their problems on their own before I just give them the answers or show them how to work a problem. I like to let them try it on their own first,” Cole said.

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