East Jackson school reaches significant goal

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local elementary school has reached a significant achievement.

Lincoln Elementary, located in East Jackson, has attained Level 5 status for surpassing academic growth standards, the state’s highest designation.

Annie Atkins, the principal of Lincoln Elementary, points out that achieving Level 5 status reflects the remarkable progress made by their students.

“It’s a composite of the growth that all scholars make. Not just a certain cohort of kids, but it is all the kids and what growth they made. Did they make it one year around the track, two years around the track, three years around the track? Our kids did enough to where they made it around the track two or three times maybe,” Atkins said.

In previous years, Lincoln Elementary was listed as a high-priority school due to low academic performance. Principal Atkins emphasizes that this accomplishment holds great significance for her and signifies that the dedicated effort they’ve invested is beginning to yield results.

“It goes back to saying that anything worth doing is worth waiting for the results, and the results were everything that I had hoped for,” Atkins said.

Principal Atkins underlines that the journey is ongoing. She aspires for the school to be recognized as a reward school.

She emphasizes that achieving one goal should not lead to complacency; they need to continue building on this success.

“And we just want to keep going. I don’t want to stop here. We have more and more to do. We want to show Jackson, Tennessee, what Lincoln Elementary is made of,” Atkins said.

Principal Atkins attributes the difference to collaboration between administration, teachers, students, parents, and the community.

Students at Lincoln Elementary were diligently preparing for testing on Tuesday morning.

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