Forever Fan says Goodbye to NAIA Tournament

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It was a bitter-sweet night for many as the NAIA Tournament ends a 22 year run in the Hub city. However, for the fans who have been there since the beginning, saying farewell to the tournament is easier said than done. Dorothy Harris, 74, of Jackson is one of a select few who have made attending the NAIA Tournament, a yearly tradition from the very beginning. “I have not missed not one game from the beginning to the end,” said Harris. A former basketball player herself, Harris said watching the ladies play reminds her of her younger days. “When I played, the girls played half court and you can only dribble two times and a hop,” said Harris. “It was an exciting time then, because you would be surprised what you can do with two dribbles and a hop.” Although Harris said aging and back to back open heart surgery has slowed her down, it has never gotten in the way of the tournament and she is determined not to let it, even after the games go elsewhere. “If I had any way of knowing and my doctor says I could travel to where it was going and had the money to go, that would be my vacation spot,” Harris said. She said the tournament has become the one event of the year she looks forward to and will continue to look forward to. “I might be in a wheel chair but I am hoping it will come back to Tennessee,” said Harris. An official announcement is expected next week as to where the tournament will take place next year.

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