Bobo Search- Day 3

This video is no longer available.

On day three of the search for the 20-year old nursing student, Holly Bobo, law enforcement along with more than 400 volunteers found personal items belonging to Bobo that breathed new life into the investigation. ” A Gentleman that owns the property was walking looking for any signs when he saw it (lunch box) over here, he picked it up with a stick, put it to the side, and the TBI and FBI surrounded the area,” said Michael Rose, a search volunteer. The lunch box later identified to be Bobo’s was found last night. Law enforcement said the severe weather hampered the search, but volunteers remained eager to find Bobo. The search area where law enforcement focused their efforts was an area known as the Bible Hill region of Decatur County, near Parsons. The area has a rough terrain, making the search efforts even more difficult. Members of law enforcement said more personal items of Bobos’ were found today, but they would not give specifics on what was found. “It was some significant information they had that led them to believe that it was a good area to look for new evidence,” said Mayor Michael Smith of Decatur County.

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