Area Business Help in Bobo Search

This video is no longer available.

While the search for Holly Bobo continues, area businesses are stepping up to assist law enforcement and volunteers. Over the weekend, county school buses were used to transport searcher to their command post. However, the Monday morning school day left volunteers with little transportation options, That’s when Brantley Charter Company out of Lexington stepped in and offered a full day of driving volunteers back and forth. Searchers say the comfortable seating and air conditioned buses are a nice relief after a long day in the woods. “It’s just good that they can help us to keep us out here so we can continue searching to help the family. Because that’s what we’re out here for is to bring Holly back,” said volunteer Trent Johnston. Charter bus company owner Danny Brantley says the steep gas price for the 55 passenger bus is just a small price to pay to do the right thing. “We just wanna help people. We’re a people company and we live in a people community,” said driver, Joel Douglas.

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