Unforgetable Performance: Ripley Junior Scores 50 pts in Girls Hoops

This video is no longer available.

With his team trailing Milan by double digits at halftime, Ripley Tigers head coach Eric Ellerbrook urged his girls to give more. “We were down by 18 points and pretty much just pleaded with the girls, play as hard as you can,” said Ellerbrook. “Kineisha stepped up and charged everyone,” said Ellerbrook. “I told them we should go hard and I pushed myself even harder than what I was going at first,” said point guard Kineisha Maclin. Kineisha‘s extra effort led to an unforgettable performance. “She scored 38 in the second half and scored 50 points total in the game,” said Ellerbrook. “I don‘t think I‘ve ever seen a girl score 50 points in high school,” said Middleton Tiger and Lady Tigers head coach James Burkley. “It‘s very rare,” said Burkley. “I‘ve never had a girl score 30 and she‘s already scored 44, 46 and now 50 points,” said Ellerbrook. So how does one girl score 50 points in a single game? “Give effort,” said Maclin. “When the ball is on the floor, dive on the floor for the ball and pass the ball. Work together as a team,” said Maclin. “She had 50 points, but she also had 12 assists that night. It‘s not like she was a ball hog,” said Ellerbrook. The junior point guard does not attempt many 3 pointers. “I‘m a better driver than shooter,” said Maclin. Kineisha‘s knack for attacking the basket has earned her several trips to the charity stripe this season. She records three pointers the old fashion way. “She got to the free throw line several times, but it was more of our press. We put her on the front of our 2-2-1 and she was able to get some steals,” said Coach Ellerbrook. Maclin‘s 50 point performance falls short of the state record. In 1956 Janet Hays scored 100 points for Henry County. That was, however, during the 6-on-6 era. “I feel like, if I did it the first time, I can do it the second time,” said Maclin when asked if she could score 50 points in a single game again. To put Kineisha‘s accomplishment into perspective you have to ask the question: Would it be harder for a girl to score 50 points today than it was during the 6-on-6 era? We will examine that question by comparing the styles of play this month during 7 Eyewitness Sports.