Property Owner Agrees to No Alcohol Sales at Former Taboo Nightclub

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JACKSON, Tenn. – The owner of a building that has housed several nightclubs over the last decade has agreed to not rent his building to an alcohol selling business. The agreement, which was entered in Madison County Chancery Court this week, was made with Golden Properties, LLC, which owns the property at 45G Broadview that housed the Taboo Nightclub. It ends the public nuisance action the city brought against the property owner. According to court documents, a permanent injunction was entered “that prohibits allowing the owner, any subsequent purchaser or lessee or occupant from selling, distributing or consuming alcoholic beverages for a period of five years.” A news release stated, “The City hopes that this action, along with other actions we are taking in this area, will reduce the amount of violence and crime associated with these nightclubs.” The city and Golden Properties, LLC, will pay the costs of their own attorney’s fees. In May, the owners of Taboo, Thomas and Shelby Wheat, entered a best interest plea and agreed to shut down Taboo.

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