McKenzie Residents Seek to Legalize Liquor Stores in City

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McKENZIE, Tenn.- McKenzie could be the next West Tennessee city to increase their tax revenue by legalizing packaged liquor stores. Currently, residents must make the drive to neighboring towns to purchase liquor. Some people think that money should stay in McKenzie. “I don’t see any reason why taking our revenue to a different town to spend for liquor,” said Jayna Shomaker. According the Carroll County Election Commission, the general manager of the Raceway Convenience Store on Highway 79 started the petition to put a liquor store referendum on the November ballot, and has already collected enough signatures and met all qualifications. Many residents say they would vote for it, since it would save them time and money. “The people I give rides to the liquor store, they get there. People are going to get to the liquor store regardless, if they make one around here or if they don’t make one,” said Dominic Teague. Along with Lexington, Brownsville passed a packaged liquor store referendum in the past year. Henderson will have the referendum on their ballot in November as well.

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