Learn Chemistry by Listening to Rap

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A Tennessee State University chemistry graduate student is about to release an educational hip-hop CD called “Life of a Black Chemist.”

According to the university, Olisa Menakaya’s goal is to create music and educational videos on a variety of chemistry topics. He hopes that pairing chemistry with upbeat, modern music will help young people engage with the ideas.

The genesis of the hip-hop project came in 2010, when he placed fourth in video competition at an American Chemical Society conference. He continued to expand his project through social media and video sharing. At this year’s National American Chemical Society conference, he received second place in a business pitch competition.

His CD is due out on Aug. 20. COPY and PASTE this link into your browser to watch: http://bit.ly/13AlKSE Video courtesy of OK. Menakaya YouTube account