New Technology Increases Safety in Whiteville

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WHITEVILLE, Tenn- Whiteville police officers said they are now more productive and better connected, all because of technology. Police Chief Steven Stanley teamed up with local tech company, Crossroads Wi-fi, two years ago and started planning hot spots throughout the city for officer use. On Thursday, technicians installed five locations along Highway 64, the busiest area of the city. Chief Stanley said now they will be able to access reports and even view each others dash cameras. “It will allow officers to stay on the street more instead of going to the office to do reports,” said Chief Stanley. Stanley said it is a way to increase safety in a cost-effective way. According to him, the cost of the project is less than $8,000 for tax payers. “This is just another tool in law enforcement’s toolbox that we can use to make the community safer,” Stanley said. Chief Stanley said they will also be able to access cameras inside the city’s only school, Whiteville Elementary. “We can actually view inside on their internet and it will be a safer entry for the children and officers,” said Chief Stanley. The city plans to add more hotspots throughout the city in the future.

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