Educator of the Week – Young

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Northeast Middle School teacher Katrina Young wants to give back to her students. Young explains, “Giving the kids a piece of me. A piece of what somebody gave me for education and that is something they will have for the rest of their life.” What they will take from her class is the desire to be something. “That somebody cared enough to show that education was the gateway to doing something else and that was just my starting point,” she says. In order to do that she says learning must be fun and engaging. “I’m all about movement, I’m all about getting up ya now, sitting in a chair doesn’t do it, they have got to be active learners.” Throughout the day Young wear many hats and is more than just a teacher. “I am mom, I am grand-mom, I am aunt, I am their friend. I tell them I am not their best friend but I am here to listen and help because I care.” Young says she wants her students to never give up and never quit because she believes that every student has an opportunity to succeed. “An educator is someone who is invested in their kids 110%, they are there to do everything they can to ensure that those kids learn to the best of their ability and beyond,” Young said.

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