Elderly Woman Gets Wish Granted

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JACKSON, TN.- Ninety-eight year old Mildred Herron has quite a story to tell to the 25 residents at the assisted living community, Alexandria Place. Herron was a passenger for a twenty minute flight around West Tennessee, Friday. “Just a strong courageous woman,” said Jennifer Brewer is an administrator at Alexandria Place. “She is very quiet but she is strong and always wanting to be involved in different activities and do new things.” In 1942 Mildred worked at Edwards Air Force Base in California. She was Secretary to the Commander of the hospital. Herron worked there for forty-eight years. Sandra Goodwin watched her mother soar into the sky. “I think it’s great,” Goodwin said. “I mean my mom has always been active and I just think it is great she can do this.” The Make a Wish Activity Program at Alexandria Place started a month ago. Two thousand feet above Jackson, Mildred looked out the window and said softly, “look at the view.” Safely back on the ground Mildred said it was beautiful. Mildred said, “A lot of fun.”

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