Potholes Causing Problems, Costing Drivers Money

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Potholes are popping up all over West Tennessee. Not only are they dangerous for drivers, but the damage it does to your vehicle could cost big bucks. “It can go from a couple hundred dollars or two or three thousand very easy,” David Hammers, who manages David White’s Body Shop, said. Nursing student Krystle Lee hit a pothole along I-40 while driving to school Wednesday morning. The impact blew out her tire and cracked the rim. “I didn’t see the pothole til I got right up on it, and it was too late to swerve or anything,” Lee said. “And when I hit it, I could feel the car jerking and it threw my hand off the wheel.” Krystle isn’t the only driver having trouble with potholes, which have filled roadways since winter weather struck earlier this week. Car repair experts said hitting the bumps, both big and small, can be a major problem. “The potholes we’ve got in Tennessee right now, probably most of them are going to blow the tire out and bend tires and bend suspensions even,” Hammers said. Most of the potholes are being seen in the right lanes of the interstate. Hammers said if you cannot move into the other lane, the next best thing you can do is slow down and take it easy. “The biggest thing is just be cautious because everybody should know by now that they’re out there,” Hammers said. “Till they get them all filled, just be cautious.” According to a spokesperson, Tennessee Department of Transportation workers are in the process of repairing the pothole-ridden roads.

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