Overnight ice could leave thousands in the dark

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Jackson, Tenn. — A winter storm could mean thousands are left without power. First responders say it’s just as important to know who to call if you find yourself in the dark as it is to have a few supplies on hand. As of Sunday night, power lines across West Tennessee were still in tip-top shape. Overnight ice could mean thousands are left without power Monday morning. “I already have candles, there’s always candles in a house with women,” Vanessa Walker said. Walker said she’s more concerned about potentially dangerous drivers than she is a power outage. “Not everybody knows how to drive in this weather, so I get an early start and get to work on time,” Walker said. Frances Connor said she was without heat Sunday morning, but isn’t worried about a power outage from the winter storm. “Normally we don’t have that many power outages unless we get a lot of ice and we haven’t had that since ’90 something,” Connor said. Officials said even if you lose power you could heat your home with a gas or kerosene heater, but you may want to be careful. “Know what you’re using, know what it takes. Read the instructions, and don’t have them too close to curtains or furniture. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space,” James Griswell with Chester County Rescue Squad said. Griswell said if you lose power, only call 911 for an emergency. “Dispatchers are not the ones you need to call when you have a power outage, on your electric bill there should be an emergency contact number,” Griswell said. First responders recommend keeping enough water, snacks and blankets around for about a day and a half without power. Phone numbers for several electric companies in West Tennessee: BENTON COUNTY ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (731) 584-8251 Fax (731) 584-4091 BOLIVAR ENERGY AUTHORITY Phone (731) 658-5257 Fax (731) 658-7703 BROWNSVILLE UTILITY DEPARTMENT Phone (731) 772-8845 CARROLL COUNTY ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Phone (731) 986-8284 Fax (731) 986-0227 CHICKASAW ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (901) 465-3591 Fax (901) 465-5392 COVINGTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (901) 476-7104 Fax (901) 476-2756 DYERSBURG ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (731) 287-4600 Fax (731) 287-4612 FORKED DEER ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Phone (731) 836-7508 Fax (731) 836-5070 GIBSON ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Phone (731) 855-4740 Fax (731) 855-3944 HUMBOLDT UTILITIES Phone (731) 784-9212 Fax (731) 784-4504 JACKSON ENERGY AUTHORITY Phone (731) 422-7500 Fax (731) 422-7241 LEXINGTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (731) 968-3662 Fax (731) 968-8988 MILAN DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES Phone (731) 686-1537 Fax (731) 686-0188 NEWBERN ELECTRIC WATER & GAS Phone (731) 627-3221 Fax (731) 627-9228 PARIS BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES Phone (731) 642-1322 Fax (731) 642-1713 PICKWICK ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Phone (731) 645-3411 Fax (731) 645-7167 RIPLEY POWER AND LIGHT Phone (731) 635-2323 Fax (731) 635-2320 SOUTHWEST TENNESSEE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Phone (731) 772-1322 Fax (731) 772-1037 TRENTON LIGHT & WATER DEPARTMENT Phone (731) 855-1561 Fax (731) 855-2287 UNION CITY ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (731) 885-9212 Fax (731) 885-7289 WEAKLEY COUNTY MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC SYSTEM Phone (731) 587-9521 Fax (731) 587-2037

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