3 Weakley Co. HS students charged after laxative brownie incident

MARTIN, Tenn. — Three Westview High School students have been charged — one with a felony — after one of them tried to give a brownie with laxative in it to another student, according to the Martin Police Department. One of the juveniles, a 14-year-old male, is accused of giving the brownie to a 14-year-old female student, according to a release from the Martin Police Department. Two 15-year-old females are accused of helping prepare the brownies and plan the incident. The the 14-year-old girl told the school resource officer around 9:30 a.m. Thursday that another student gave her a brownie that appeared to have some type of pills inside, according to the release. Police say the pills were an over-the-counter laxative. She told the officer she noticed something in the brownie just before she started to eat it, according to a release from the school system. The male student has been placed on a juvenile arrest petition for the felony charge of adulterated food gift, according to the police department. The two female students have been placed on juvenile arrest petitions for misdemeanor charges of criminal responsibility for conduct of another. School officials also found a handgun-type pellet gun in the male student’s backpack, according to a release from Weakley County Schools. Police declined to pursue additional charges because the gun was not presented during the incident. The school also will discipline the students according to school board policy, and the male student will face additional discipline for having the pellet gun on school property, according to the school system release.

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