2 more sinkholes surprise drivers at Jackson gas station

JACKSON, Tenn. — As one closes, two sinkholes open at a Pilot gas station in northeast Jackson near exit 85.

“You can’t even see it from the road,” Abi Webb said. “It just looks like a little pothole from the road. Then you come, and it’s like huge.”

This sinkhole opened up Wednesday night during the thunderstorms, then a smaller one appeared Thursday morning.

“It’s pretty amazing actually,” Marie Kostlic said. “It’s something weird that I’ve never seen in my entire life, and it’s just amazing how the concrete and ground can fall right through there.”

The dozens of people who showed up to look at it and take pictures had some questions.

“How did it drop that big?” asked Presley McIllwain.

“I don’t get how it destroyed the road and everything,” Webb said.

“I don’t even know how deep it is down there, and I don’t even want to check,” Kostlic said.

Pilot employees put up signs to warn people to stay away from the sinkholes after one person tried climbing in the hole to retrieve a phone that was dropped in it while trying to take a picture.

Because these girls don’t want to put hundreds of dollars literally down the hole, they agreed to follow the rules and not go past the sign.

While reporters were at the scene, a company came by to assess the damage.

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