Kentucky Lake stocked with new species of bass

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. — A new initiative in Benton County hopes to bring bigger fish and a better fishing experience.

Kentucky Lake

Local officials, along with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, are stocking a different species of bass into Kentucky Lake.

They say the new Florida Bass will breed with the local bass and produce bigger, more resilient offspring.

Not only will this bring more fishing tourism, but it could also help control the Asian Carp population.

“It’s hard to catch an 11 or 12 or 10 inch fish out of this lake right now. You catch some of the three or four or seven-pounders, but its hard to catch those others ones,” said Fishing University host, Charlie Ingram.

With the help of boaters, they are inserting around 150,000 bass into the lake this year.

They say the results of the fish breeding hope to be apparent in two to three years.

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