Jackson Symphony returns after being cancelled due to COVID-19

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Symphony is back after having to cancel its annual Starlight Symphony due to COVID-19.

The symphony will begin their 60th season starting Saturday, September 12.

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“On Saturday evening, we have our first opening night concert with the Jackson Symphony. We’ve had to reschedule our whole season around the COVID restrictions of course,” said Peter Shannon, conductor for the Jackson Symphony.

Shannon said due to COVID-19, start times are a bit different this time around.

“Instead of our usual concert beginning at eight o’clock, which is typically two hours long, we have a concert of one hour duration beginning from six to seven,” Shannon said. “And we take an hour break to sanitize the church to make everything safe for everybody and then a second performance beginning from eight to nine.”

Shannon said the concert will include liturgical music, feel good music, Americana and even a tribute to our front line workers. He says it will be a fun for all concert.

“It’s something that everybody can come to and feel good. It’s great repertoire, but it’s also safe for everybody. We follow social distancing. Everybody comes in one door, leaves through another,” Shannon said.

Shannon says if everything goes according to plan, they hope to be able to welcome the people of Jackson to attend their concerts. He says the concert season will go through May, and he hopes that the Symphony can bring a bit of normality back to their lives.

The Jackson Symphony will hold their concert at the First Baptist Church. For more information, visit the Jackson Symphony’s website.

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