Madison Co. Fire Department kicks off Fire Prevention Week

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Madison County Fire Department has a plan to make sure you’re safe in your homes at no cost to you.

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Firefighters were at two Food Giant locations on Sunday, presenting a program to make sure you’re safe in the kitchen.

Fire Prevention Week is recognized nationally from October 4 through October 10. The fire department launched a Smoke Alarm and Address Maker Drive to kick it off.

“We provide and install smoke alarms to anybody that needs them in the county for free, and then we also have address makers available for $20. So it’s a great way for emergency responders to locate your home at night time, especially so it’s double-sided and reflective,” said Anna Kate Craig, Community Risk Reduction Coordinator for the Madison County Fire Department.

What may be surprising for most people is that kitchen fires are the leading cause of fire injuries. Having a smoke is even more important for that very reason.

“Smoke alarms are definitely one of the leading ways to get people out of their home in a timely manner. A lot of fire injuries or fire deaths unfortunately happen when people don’t have working smoke alarms in their home,” Craig said. “So this is just an easy and free way to get that service and have a smoke alarm in your house.”

Craig wants to let the community know that the Madison County Fire Department will always put them first.

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“Just as long as the community knows that we’re always there to help them, and this is just something we want to make sure the community is aware of us having,” Craig said.

This year’s theme: “Serving up fire safety in the kitchen.”

Craig hopes the community stays on track by constantly checking up on their alarm systems. She says to make sure the batteries are not low. If they are, change them frequently.

To have a smoke alarm installed or to purchase an address maker, call the Madison County Fire Department at (731) 424-5577.

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