Better Business Bureau reports local puppy scam

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JACKSON, Tenn. – In the last year the Better Business Bureau has reported multiple scams from around the West Tennessee area, two of them in Jackson.

1 Scam

In particular, an online shopping puppy scam that resulted in the person losing $800.

Nancy Butcher, Director of Marketing for Better Business Bureau, says it is easy to fall in a bad situation where someone will scam you for your money.

For instance, scammers can come up with names on a website to make you believe it’s legitimate.

However, the downside is that’s not always the case and this puppy scam is a good example.

“This person claims to own a Bullmastiff breeding company. He said he had down his research and he was a family breeder. He actually showed pictures of the puppy,” said Butcher.

After the victim made their purchase online to the alleged business, there was no sign of their business after, and the victim didn’t receive the puppy they were looking to purchase.

“She had done some research after she made this purchase and didn’t get her puppy. And found out he had been running this scam in other states, as well as Tennessee,”said Butcher.

Nancy says the victim has tried to call the business for a refund but no one has responded.

She also says using the Better Business Bureau ‘Scam Tracker’ online can help others to not fall into the same difficult situation.


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1 Scam