New program offers rent relief to Tennesseans

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new program is aiming to help Tennesseans struggling to pay rent and utilities.

Rent And Housing

A news release from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency says both renters and landlords can apply for the COVID-19 Rent Relief Program.

“The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the livelihoods of countless Tennesseans,” THDA Executive Director Ralph M. Perrey said. “This program is designed to help people stay
in their homes by covering eligible rent and/or utility costs they are unable to pay due to the challenges presented by COVID-19.”

THDA says the program could cover up to 12 months of rent or utility.

To find out more details or to apply, visit THDA’s website. You can also call (844) 500-1112 for additional details.

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