All 250 students surprised with new shoes at local school

JACKSON, Tenn. — When students walked into the cafeteria at Isaac-Lane Elementary Monday, they were met with a surprise.

All 250 students got a brand new pair of tennis shoes.

And as an act of service, community members washed their feet.

“This is a big deal. The kids are so excited,” said school counselor Victoria Toone. “They’re excited about trying on new shoes and being able to run in new shoes.”

To make this happen, all three Rotary Clubs in Jackson raised $20 per student. In that, they get a pair of shoes, a pair of socks, and a bag of hygiene supplies.

“Just to see their faces light up when they get this new pair of shoes, and they’re walking out,” Principal Richard Willis said. “It’s bringing joy to them.”

The Jackson-Madison County School System is Title 1 — meaning many of the students come from low-income families.

Principal Willis says this event makes sure they all have something new to call theirs.

“They’re all in the same boat,” Willis said. “Everyone is getting a new pair of shoes.”

And leaving with a smile on their face.

The rotary clubs and Samaritans Feet will be going to two other schools in Jackson this week: Lincoln Elementary and Nova Elementary. They’ll give away around 1,000 pairs of shoes this week.

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