Shoppers enjoy final days of annual Hwy 70 Yard Sale

MADISON CO.,Tenn. — The Highway 70 Yard Sale is coming to an end.

Today was one of the last days of the Highway 70 Yard Sale.

On the corner of 2018 Highway 70 East, many vendors gather to sell a variety of products.

The yard sale takes place annually on every second weekend in June running all the way from Memphis to Nashville.

Shoppers are encouraged to visit different vendors in hopes of finding the perfect sale.

Candice Smith is visiting from Rhode Island and she is taking full advantage of this year’s sales.

“We’ve probably been to about half a dozen, maybe a dozen and we found some really great antiques. I like seeing the old stuff. You know we don’t have a lot of that in Rhode Island like there is in Tennessee, so it’s been nice,” Smith said.

If you missed out on this year’s sale don’t worry, some vendors will continue selling this Sunday.

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