Unique friendship forms at local animal rescue

"It's just the most beautiful show of inter species love I've ever seen."

JACKSON, Tenn. — Lori Collins is the Director of Redemption Road Rescue, which normally rescues horses. But now they have two pigs and a cat peacefully snuggling in a kennel in their office.

“They’ll love on each other. The little piglets will try to nurse the kitty. The kitty will lick the piglets,” Collins said. “They’ll snuggle and sleep together like they’re siblings.”

All three animals came in to the rescue on Sunday. The pigs first, one with an nutritional problem preventing it from walking. And the kitten an hour later, after someone saw it thrown from the window of a vehicle.

“We had two pigs and a cat, and only one kennel, so my only option, in order to get them where they needed to be, we had to get them to the emergency vet, we had to put them together, and low and behold they bonded with each other,” Collins said.

Now the piglets and kitten are doing better, and Collins is bringing them to work with her.

“Of course, the volunteers chip in and help us,” said Collins. “Then, I take them back to my personal house at night. And I get up in the middle of the night and feed them when they start squealing.”

Collins says the pigs are about three weeks old, and the cat is about five. Since they’ve bonded together so quickly, she wants to find a home for them together as well.

“Our goal is for us to find an adopter who is willing to allow these three to grow up together and stay siblings, and live the happily ever life we all want.”

And she hopes while these animals are small, they teach us a big lesson: no matter what you look like, or where you came from, you can still love each other.

“You know, animals show humans how to love, and that’s what’s beautiful about it.”

Redemption Road Rescue is based in north Jackson. You can reach them through their website, or call them at (731) 616-1440.

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