Local kids head out to Salvation Army’s summer camp

JACKSON, Tenn. — Kids were rolling in the suitcases Monday morning and loading the bus, to head out for the Salvation Army’s summer camp.

“The Salvation Army has this residential facility that’s seated on Dale Hollow Lake,” said Lieutenant Mark Cancia. “So kids will get to swim in the lake, jump off of boats, sleep in cabins, and learn Bible stories with people they have never met.”

Lt. Cancia is the Corps Leader for the Salvation Army in Jackson. Some of these same kids also participated in the COVID-tutoring program the Salvation Army held.

“Our founder, William Booth, talked about ‘soup, soap and salvation.’ So, when you’re connecting with a person, it’s a holistic experience. It’s not just food. It’s not just housing. It’s a spiritual and relational experience,” Cancia said.

Cancia says a couple of years ago, they were only able to send six kids to camp. This year, they were able to send 25. That’s due to people donating more during the pandemic.

“We’ve been able to… I don’t even know… exponentially increase the amount of kids we’re able to send,” said Cancia.

And with each drop of a coin at Christmas time, know you’re teaching kids, feeding them, and helping them thrive.

“For many, it’s their first time leaving Jackson,” Cancia said. “It’s their first time going away from home. We get to be a part of that experience. It’s through support from people like you all, that we’re able to make it happen.”

The Salvation Army has programs ranging from addiction recovery to after school tutoring. To find out more how you can help, click here.

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