FHU continues activities for move-in weekend

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Freed-Hardeman University continues to host weekend activities to welcome students back on campus.

As a part of their move-in weekend, incoming Freed-Hardeman University students had the opportunity to visit two churches in their community.

“We got Interface going on. We’re worshiping together with our interface groups to get to know everybody. It’s been a lot of fun so far. This might be my church home, we’ll see,” said student Hannah Smith.

Interface is a week long program that begins on move-in day for incoming new students. The program includes various activities to build relationships and connect with others.

“Being a freshman, starting classes, it can be a little nerve-wracking sometimes but know that you always have God to lean on,” said student Shelby Lions.

Attending the service made many students think about how they can apply their faith in the classroom.

“Once you start college it’s good to have a foundation in God. Once you really make a foundation here at a local church, you’ll be able to boost yourself up spiritually, as you create relationships at the school,” said student Ben Wade.

With classes starting soon students say this is a message they needed to hear.

“Especially with what’s going on right now, we’re all anxious and needing to trust in God. Because this is a big transition so it was very applicable to our lives,” Smith said.

Students are excited for what the school year will bring and how it can better their relationship with their faith.

Freed-Hardeman continues to welcome returning students. Classes begin on August 18.

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